Tea Dance featuring DJ OB-1 Benobi


Ease into your week with one final party!

Where: Bar Food (4523 Habersham St.)

When: Sunday, April 9th 4 pm - 6 pm

About the DJ:

Ben Umbreit became fascinated with DJ culture in San Francisco's underground House Music scene in the early 2000's. He bought his first set of 1200 turntables in 2001 and began spinning records at friends' house parties. In 2004 Ben moved to Chicago, where he fully steeped himself in the roots of House Music. He witnessed and met many DJ legends and began throwing his own loft parties, which he dubbed "Eclectic Clouds." He also spun at various events around the city. After traveling abroad, Ben moved to Savannah, Ga and began throwing Prince Tribute parties, which have been successful in numerous cities around the Southeast. Ben continues to explore new musical styles and is very positive about the future of DJ culture.